Tipos de pieles y cuidados que necesita

Skin types and how to take care of them

Each skin is different, like each body or each person, which is why it is important to know all skin types, know how to identify it, and what care it needs, and at Be Cherry Cosmetics we help you do it. As simple as it may seem, facial skin care is a complex matter and full of small details that can make a difference. To properly perform skin care, the first thing is to know what type of skin you have.

Types of skin and their characteristics

Let's see what types of skin there are mainly, their characteristics and the care that each of them needs:

Normal skin

It is the skin with the greatest balance, since it has adequate hydration and oiliness. It usually has a uniform tone and good circulation. You are not usually prone to allergic reactions to cosmetic products or developing acne. It usually has small pores, is firm and has a layer of fat that is not shiny. Any of our cosmetics can be good for this type of skin, so take advantage if this is your case, and try the one that makes you most curious.

Oily skin

Oily skin is also often called seborrheic. Its name is due to the fact that the sebaceous follicles are more dilated, and it is characterized by having irritated areas, and usually has the presence of acne. There are a large number of adults who have this type of skin. It has a shiny appearance, usually has pimples, blackheads and acne, due to excessive sebum production, and usually takes a while to show signs of aging. It is important for this type of skin to take great care of its cleanliness. Within our range of products, both our Hyaluronic Cherry Cleanser Miscellar Water and our Easy Cherry Mouse cleansing mousse come in very handy. In addition to cleaning, both contain hyaluronic acid so it hydrates the skin, and does not leave that tight feeling typical of other cleansers. And it has lemon essential oil, which is antimicrobial, ideal for avoiding small imperfections such as pimples.

Dry Skin

As its name suggests, it has tight and rough features due to its low sebum production. This leads to a lack of lipids, which retain moisture. It has flaking, and the expression lines are very marked. It has a rough texture, closed pores and is prone to redness and irritation. But don't worry, if this is your case and you have this type of skin, since it is the easiest to treat. Especially our Velvet Cherry Cream, which is very nourishing and deeply moisturizing, will be great for your face if this is your skin type.

Mixed skin

This type of skin is the most difficult to identify, since it has features of both dry skin and oily skin, depending on areas. However, the easiest way to identify it is through the famous T zone, which forms the forehead and the nasal septum. If this area is oily, and the rest of the face seems dry, you have combination skin. It has characteristics of dry and oily skin, the T zone has very active sebaceous glands and is very difficult to treat. As with normal skin, it is suitable for all our cosmetics, so we encourage you to try the one you are most curious about, and tell us your experience.

Sensitive skin

As its name suggests, sensitive skin tends to react and blush very easily to any factor, both external, such as changes in temperature, and internal, nervousness or embarrassment. It usually appears as a consequence of a variety of factors such as genetics, allergies or environmental effects. It usually presents frequent rashes, so you have to be careful with the products you use as it can react negatively, and lead to itching, burning and generating stains. All our cosmetics are suitable for sensitive skin, verified by our clients, and dermatologically tested. In particular, we recommend using our Ideal Age Cherry Serum, which is our star product since it is the richest in active ingredients. We hope that after reading this article you know your skin better and you already know what type you have. Now all that's left is to use the right cosmetics for her and you'll see her glowing.
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