que visitar en Plasencia

What to visit in Plasencia

Are you thinking about taking a getaway to Plasencia? Plasencia is a city located in the north of Extremadura, just 80 kilometers from Cáceres and about 250 kilometers from Madrid. The best option to get there from the capital is the train that arrives directly at the Plasencia train station. Plasencia is also our city of origin, where the idea of ​​Be Cherry Cosmetics was born. In this blog article, we tell you what to visit in this charming city.

What to visit in Plasencia

  1. The cathedral of Plasencia: this small city is characterized by the peculiarity that it has a new cathedral (15th century) and an old one (13th century), located next to each other. Without a doubt it is worth visiting them.
  2. The Plaza Mayor: it is the main square of Plasencia. A homely space that has different bars and terraces where you can enjoy a good aperitif. Also in this Plaza is the Town Hall presided over in its tower by Grandfather Mayorga, bell ringer and symbol of the city.
  3. Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer: this square is a magical enclave in the City of Plasencia since it is located in the area of ​​the Jewish Quarter of Plasencia and allows you to see the beautiful palace of the Marquis of Mirabel in front, next to it the Church of Santo Domingo and annexed to it the convent with the same name. On the opposite side is the church of San Nicolás and in the center there is a rustic fountain that gives even greater beauty to this medieval environment.
  4. The Parador of Plasencia: Very close to the previous point is the Parador de Plasencia, which allows free visits to many of the common areas. Worth!
  5. Torre Lucía: it is the wall that surrounds part of the city of Plasencia, a beautiful area that you can access to see the city from its heights.
  6. Parque de los Pinos: also called the duck park. It is a beautiful and large park located very close to the University of Plasencia. Conferred with the peculiarity that it allows you to see peacocks and other birds walking freely through the premises.
  7. The Plasencia aqueduct : located in the northern part of the city between several parks, it is a nice place to take a snapshot that goes straight to Instagram.
  8. Parque de la Isla: a beautiful park surrounded by water where swimming is allowed for free. The favorite place for people from Placentia to do sports: canoeing, kayaking, running, walking..
  9. Furthermore, for those who dare to walk, about 5 kilometers north of the center of Plasencia there is a Hermitage called the Ermita de la Virgen del Puerto. It is a beautiful place to observe the surroundings of the city. A viewpoint that is worth it. For more information, we recommend visiting the Plasencia tourism website .

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