cuidado de la piel en invierno

How to take care of your skin from the cold

  1. Wash your face well

It is one of the essentials for skin care, a good cleansing. To do this, we can use facial cleansers in gel, foam or milk format.

With our Easy Cherry Mousse and Hyaluronic Cherry Cleanser, you will treat the skin while cleaning and removing makeup thanks to its hyaluronic acid content.

  1. Nourish your skin

One of the main problems caused by the cold is that it dehydrates the skin, since it cannot retain moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to provide it with extra nutrition and hydration. You will achieve all this by applying a serum and we recommend doing it twice a day, with clean skin. For example, our Ideal Age Cherry Serum promotes elasticity , is rich in antioxidants , strengthens the skin's barrier function and also repairs thanks to its high content of orchid stem cells, bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, oil and cherry extract.

  1. Choose good active ingredients

Choosing cosmetic products that contain good, quality active ingredients is key to keeping your skin glowing during the winter. There are certain active ingredients that are essential in skin care in cold weather. For example, a high content of hyaluronic acid is important, since it contains up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and provides elasticity, turgor and maximum hydration to the skin. Another active ingredient that we recommend are antioxidants . Our products are high in them thanks to cherry oil and extract, which provide vitamin C and E to the skin, and protect from external agents.

  1. Moisturize the skin daily and several times a day

The use of cream in your facial routine is basic, but it becomes essential with the drop in temperatures. We know that we do not “protect” the skin on our face, so using a nourishing, dense cream that helps us create a protective barrier will provide us with luminous and firmed skin.

Our Velvet Cherry Cream is ideal to achieve this, thanks to its high content of bakuchiol, hyaluronic acid, orchid stem cells, cherry oil and extract, and rice bran. This last component makes your skin look radiant but with a beautiful matte and velvety touch on the skin.

  1. Use sunscreen

Sun protection is essential in the facial routine throughout the year, but in winter we often forget about it, because it is cloudy or because we expose ourselves to the sun less. But yes, the sun continues to damage our skin, so it is important to remember to put it on every morning.

If you prefer, there are moisturizing creams that already include this protection. This is not the case with ours. But you will avoid a step in your daily facial routine. But remember, if your facial cream has sun protection factor, you can only use it during the day, and you should have another one for the night without this supplement.

  1. Extra TIP : take care of your lips and nose

The lips and nose are the wettest areas of the face, so they are most exposed to the effects of the cold. This moisture, when in contact with the cold, irritates the skin and dries it out. That is why we must further reinforce the protection of these areas and hydrate them extra. We recommend applying Vaseline.

  1. EXTRA SUPER TIP : Wear a scarf and hat

Physically protecting facial skin from the cold is also important. Wearing a hat and scarf creates a barrier against inclement weather and keeps your facial skin warm.

We hope that with these tips we will help you keep your skin radiant throughout the winter.

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