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Natural vs conventional cosmetics

Let's start at the beginning, do you know where natural cosmetics come from?

Natural cosmetics arose from consumers' desire to take care of their bodies and skin in a more natural and respectful way with the planet and the environment.

Knowing this, do you want to discover what are the advantages of using natural cosmetics vs. conventional ones? Keep reading, we will explain it to you by answering these questions quickly and easily.

What is conventional cosmetics?

Conventional cosmetics are those that use ingredients with chemical synthesis. That is, they use petroleum derivatives such as paraffins and silicones, as well as preservatives, colorants or chemical perfumes. In a conventional cosmetic you can find several of these compounds in a single product.

By using more chemicals, you are more likely to cause allergic skin reactions. Especially in sensitive, atopic skin or with some disease, such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, couperose, etc.

What is considered natural cosmetics?

A possible simple definition of natural cosmetics could be those products that use active ingredients from plants, fruits and minerals. All of them obtained in an environmentally friendly way.

For a cosmetic product to be considered natural, it must have a minimum of 95% natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. At Be Cherry Cosmetics we formulate our products with natural products. You can find the ingredients and the main active ingredients that our products use on our website , by clicking on each product.

What are the benefits of natural products?

The greatest benefit of natural cosmetics is that it respects your skin, and helps different skin types. Using natural active ingredients makes it easier to care for sensitive skin or skin with allergic tendencies.

It is common to think that natural cosmetics are less effective than conventional ones, but this is not the case, since as they do not contain chemical additives the active ingredients are more concentrated. Remember that, by not using chemicals, natural cosmetic products may have a different appearance, especially in color and smell, but it is undoubtedly a sign that the product is natural.

Furthermore, we must highlight that natural cosmetics seek to be respectful of the environment. Like us, at Be Cherry , we use natural ingredients, glass packaging for easier recycling and recycled PET packaging, and we do not test on animals.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

There are many advantages of natural cosmetics and we list the main ones here:

  • The skin absorbs natural ingredients
  • Very exhaustive quality controls
  • Produces fewer allergic reactions
  • Better skin absorption of the product
  • We preserve the environment
  • Not tested on animals
  • Higher concentration of active ingredients

We encourage you to switch to natural cosmetics. It will undoubtedly be very beneficial for your skin and your body, and also for the planet.

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