Células madre de orquídea en la piel

Do you know the benefits of stem cells in cosmetics?

Yes, you read correctly: stem cells in cosmetics.

Skin stem cells are responsible for generating new cells that are found in different layers of our dermis.

They are cells capable of dividing, from which other new cells are born, which can form organs and tissues. In short, they are the main pillar of the cell renewal process.

As time goes by, the activity of the stem cells contained in our body slows down. Therefore , the skin loses its capacity for renewal . It is one of the main causes why deep wrinkles appear and the skin loses firmness, and why stem cells are used in cosmetics.

Stem cells in medicine

In medicine, stem cells are used in transplants, with the aim of tissue regeneration. They are also being used to reprogram adult stem cells to perform other functions, to treat diseases such as diabetes, regenerating pancreatic function.

Stem cells in cosmetics

The stem cells used in cosmetics are of plant origin . In the case of our cosmetics, we use orchid stem cells . But it can be extracted from many other ingredients such as rice, melon, mushrooms, cereals, etc.

Plant stem cells are the vital essence of plants, which are extracted from their growth areas, such as roots and shoots.

One of the most interesting and curious facts about plant stem cells is that they are immortal, and that they continually reproduce themselves. This means that there is endless raw material to work on in cosmetics.

How to use stem cells on the skin?

We can find stem cells of plant origin in different formats of cosmetic products. For example, in our products, you can find orchid stem cells in the serum, cream and eye contour. Capable of regenerating the skin, it is a perfect ingredient for mature skin , and combined with other active ingredients such as bakuchiol, it makes a complete anti-aging treatment .

Benefits of plant stem cells on the skin

The use of stem cells in the skin has several benefits:

    • Reduction in pore size. Cosmetic products that contain stem cells are capable of shrinking the pores of the skin, giving the face a more uniform and smooth appearance.

    • Uniform skin . After some time of using cosmetics with plant-based stem cells, you will notice an improvement in the texture of your facial skin. IN fact, it can add volume to our complexion, improving its quality and texture.

    • Wrinkle reduction . This is one of the most notable benefits of using plant stem cells, as it helps combat premature skin aging.

    • Reduction of stains . A few weeks after carrying out your skin care routine with a product with stem cells, you will be able to see an improvement in skin tone and the disappearance of superficial spots.

Can the stem cells in my body be activated?

Yes, yes you can. In fact, there are scientific studies that show that high-intensity workouts stimulate the release of stem cells into the bloodstream. Any effort that challenges your muscles can be beneficial.

Extra tips to regenerate facial skin

If your goal is to regenerate facial skin, it is advisable to include vegetables and fruit in your daily diet. The most recommended are those that contain a high content of vitamins and antioxidants, such as cherries.

And remember, it is essential to hydrate well, drinking at least two liters of water a day and fruit juice.

We hope that we have resolved some of your doubts regarding stem cells in cosmetics.

But if you still have any left, please ask us, and we will be happy to help you.

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