Pack Be Cherry Completo

Packaging and label design project for natural cosmetics


Non-refundable subsidies for companies with a production center in Extremadura, with the purpose of financing business projects related to:
  • Optimizing SME management
  • The implementation and certification of standards and quality systems
  • The implementation of advanced technological tools
  • The development of containers and packaging through design actions.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Espagry Ibérica SL receives the aid line for the implementation of the Program for the Competitive Improvement of the Extremadura SME of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, through file MC-22-0363 to benefit from the benefits established in the Order of 29 October 2020 (DOE No. 214, dated 11/05/2020. This subsidy is intended for the "PACKAGING AND LABELS DESIGN FOR NATURAL COSMETICS" project, which includes simple logo restyling, packaging line design, pack adaptations of pieces (design of 3 different labels and 3 boxes), sachet design, shipping pack (box design, sticker, tissue paper, card) and gift box design. GOALS: The objectives of the project are to develop a packaging line for the natural cosmetics brand "Be Cherry Cosmetics". In addition, a simple restyling of the logo, sachet design, as well as shipping packs and gift box design are included. The aim is to create an innovative and striking design to be competitive in the cosmetic market. EXPECTED RESULT: Through this line of aid, it has been possible to develop a complete line of brand packaging, an essential action for the introduction of our products on the market. In addition, a sachet design has been developed, which despite not being a product for sale, is essential in commercial work. In the same way, the work carried out on the shipping packs is very important since a large part of the sale of our products is done online. For the company, the development of this cosmetics project represents a big change, since it is a market expansion, thus being able to diversify its activity. BUDGET: €1,060.00 HELP RECEIVED: €848.00 FUND: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 

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