Consejos para superar el sindrome posvacacional

Tips to overcome post-vacation syndrome

We know that returning to routine after summer is hard. Returning from vacation and resuming work always is. The stress of the office, getting up early or organizing schedules can affect you emotionally and make you feel more down, tired or lacking concentration. But to make this return more bearable, we give you some keys to start the week on the right foot and overcome post-vacation syndrome.

  • Return to routine gradually. If your job allows you to join gradually, and work fewer hours the first few days, we recommend doing so. If not, it's better not to overload yourself with work on the first day.
  • Don't stretch your vacation to the last second. Experts recommend returning from vacation a few days early. If you can't, get up early on the last days of vacation and the first days of returning to your routine. You don't need to run everywhere, and getting up early, although it is not the most pleasant thing, nor what your body asks of you, will help you avoid self-stress.
  • Do healthy activities. For example doing sports. September is a good month to set new routines and challenges. Exercising will make you secrete endorphins, which will make you feel good and combat apathy.
  • Have a positive attitude. Life is 90% attitude. If thoughts like “what a mess of life, back to routine again…” come to mind, think, I am capable of solving everything! Besides, for other vacations to begin, others have to end, right?
  • Be grateful for what you have. A good technique is to think of three things you are grateful for in your life or your day before going to sleep. Think three different things every night. It will help you feel lucky and focus your mind on the positive.
  • Plan a getaway for the weekend. This way you will have some hope, and it will help you recharge your batteries.
  • Take time for yourself. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, it's good to have a routine and allow yourself small moments of rest. For example, we suggest you take a little time to do your facial routine with your trusted Be Cherry cosmetics. In addition, your skin will thank you after the excesses of summer, exposure to the sun and the friction of sand and salt. This good habit will also help you recover the luminosity of your skin, reduce those expression lines or prevent those typical skin spots from the sun.


Which one are you going to choose to combat post-vacation syndrome?

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