Cuidado de la piel tras la exposición al sol

Your skincare routine in 5 steps after sunbathing

What to do after sunbathing?

If you want to have splendid skin this summer after a day at the beach, pool or countryside, in this article we give you some essential tips to achieve it.

In summer, we focus our efforts on getting a nice tan, but we forget about the afterward. To achieve a long-lasting tan, these treatments are essential if we do not want to obtain the famous lizard skin effect.

What happens to my skin when I sunbathe?

Our skin, when exposed to the sun constantly, is affected by different factors.

But the most important factor is the ultraviolet (UV) radiation present in sunlight. If our skin is exposed to UV rays for long periods of time, it can cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin .

These natural proteins are responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Excessive exposure also contributes to the excessive production of melanin, which leads to the appearance of spots.

How to prevent skin aging due to sun exposure?

The best way to prevent this premature degeneration of our skin is by taking care of our skin with products that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

In the case of our cosmetics, for example, Cherry is very antioxidant. But it is just one of the many antioxidant ingredients they contain.

These valuable ingredients protect you from harmful UVA rays, slowing down photoaging. They also help you prevent the appearance of spots and preserve collagen , so always in summer, especially, antioxidants will be your great allies.

What steps should I follow in my skincare routine after sunbathing?

After going out in the sun with the preventions that we have mentioned before, when you get home or to the hotel, your skin will ask you to take care of it properly.

Here are the keys to do it:

1. Clean the skin

The first step of any skincare routine is a good cleansing, but even more so in summer.

It is very important to remove chlorine, salt and sand from the facial skin. But it is also important to remove traces of sun protection. To do this, we recommend you follow a double cleaning.

2. Exfoliate

Yes, it is true that we should not do this step every day on the face, as it can be excessively harmful. But doing it once a week with the right products will help you remove dead skin cells.

3. Calm and refresh

After sun exposure, we recommend using After sun. Although the vast majority of people do it on the body, we remind you to do it on the face.

This type of cream has properties to replenish the skin after long exposure to the sun, and also helps to fix the tan.

4. Moisturizes deeply

We recommend that after applying the after sun, you continue with your normal skincare routine. This way the skin will not peel or crack as it will have the necessary level of hydration.

Do not apply masks or mud. After exposure to the sun, the skin is not prepared for this type of hydration.

Hydrate using serums and moisturizing creams with a high content of vitamin C, and if possible with ingredients such as bakuchiol, which helps treat hyperpigmentation.

5. Avoid the eraser effect

To avoid the erasing effect, apply the products in the necessary quantities, massaging them well until completely absorbed. If you put thin layers of product, you will have better results. Be patient, do not apply one product without the other having been properly absorbed.

And keep in mind the order of application, depending on the texture, from light to dense.

Extra tip:

Include lips in your skin care. Although we always focus on the body and facial skin, let's not forget that the lips also suffer and are affected by the sun.

Apply lip scrub to help remove dead surface cells. Then apply a hydrating lip balm to protect and soothe them.

Remember that sun exposure is an attack on the skin, and that excess sun ages us more quickly. This does not mean we should stop sunbathing, but the exposure time and the use of sunscreen are very important steps.

Take care of your skin this summer and don't forget to apply your Ideal Age Cherry Serum , and your Velvet Cherry Cream with high antioxidant content, to prevent skin aging. And enjoy the summer.

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