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Types of cleaners, which one is for me?

If when you go to buy a cleaner you feel overwhelmed by the number of formats that exist, this blog post is for you. We want to explain briefly and without complications what types of cleansers exist and which one best suits each skin type. Are you ready?

Foam cleanser

Foam cleansers are easy to apply and remove. They do not contain oils in their formulas, so they are preferred by those who do not like heavy cleansers. They are characterized by deeply cleaning the pores of the skin, eliminating excess oil and regulating sebum. They are ideal for oily or combination skin .

Cleansing milk

This type of cleanser is usually thick and contains moisturizing ingredients, gently cleansing the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Recommended for dry , very dry and sensitive skin. It is not recommended for combination skin, much less oily skin, as it can alter the production of sebum in the skin and give it that unwanted shine.

Micellar water

This format is one of the favorites of many people, despite not being a makeup remover, it cleanses the skin deeply and helps remove traces of dirt stuck to the skin. It is a gentle, oil-free lotion capable of cleansing, hydrating and toning the face. It is ideal for combination, oily , mature skin , as well as the most sensitive skin. Do you know our Hyaluronic Cherry Cleanser Micellar Water?

Gel cleanser

We can say that this type of cleanser is the one that lasts a lifetime, it provides a deep cleansing and usually contains exfoliants that help remove any type of dead cells or impurities from the skin. Recommended for oily , combination skin and those prone to acne.

Cleansing oil

This type of cleanser is made up of easily absorbed oils so that they do not leave a greasy or shiny appearance on the skin. With this type of cleanser we achieve clean and nourished skin. It is ideal for dry skin that requires deep cleansing and a lot of hydration.

We hope it has been helpful to you and makes it easier for you when it comes to buying a cleaner.

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