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Keys to take care of the eye contour area

Inside the face, it is the most sensitive area, because the skin in this area is thin and delicate. Therefore, it requires more specific care and treatments to minimize expression lines, bags and dark circles.

Why take care of the eye contour specifically?

Taking into account that the skin around the eyes is poorer in elastin and collagen, and is between 5 and 10 times thinner than the rest of the face , it is necessary to take specific care of it.

It is also an area that supports the movement and effort of 22 muscles in continuous movement. Keep in mind that we make an average of 10,000 blinks a day!, and that we make an average of 15,000 facial contractions a day.

How to choose the right eye contour?

As a general rule, any eye contour that contains hyaluronic acid will help hydrate and tighten the area.

We recommend that it be quickly absorbed , since it is an area in which it is difficult for treatments to penetrate.

We also consider the vitamin C content to be important, since it will give luminosity to your eyes. Especially in the case of brown circles under the eyes.

And another interesting factor to take into account is that it has a tightening effect , for eye contours with more wrinkles.

Our Cherry Eye Contour has all these characteristics, as it contains vegetable olisaccharides, creating an immediate lifting effect , cherry oil and extract that has a high content of vitamin C and Squalene, which helps rapid absorption and leaves a silky and light.

Is contour cleanliness important?

As we well know, cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine. But if we talk about the eye contour, even more so, to ensure optimal effect of the products to be used later.

Tip: to avoid swollen eyes, clean the remains of makeup from the tear duct with saline solution, thus avoiding eye swelling.

When is it best to use eye contour?

Although there are several opinions regarding the ideal time within our skincare routine, for applying the eye contour, we recommend using it before the serum , right after cleansing.

How is the eye contour applied?

You can do this using your ring finger with quick, gentle taps . That finger is used, since it is the one that generates the least pressure in the area, because it is the one with the least force.

This form of application favors the absorption of the product by increasing circulation as well as generating slight lymphatic drainage of the area.

You can also use an accessory like our roller, with a cold effect thanks to being made of metal, which also helps decongest the bags.

Tricks for caring for the eye area while you sleep

Although it may seem irrelevant, the way you sleep influences the eye contour. For example, if we sleep on our stomach or side, the sheet with its folds or wrinkles will affect this part of our face. Experts recommend sleeping on your back and using silk sheets, as they wrinkle much less. Without ignoring the importance of clean sheets.

If you also suffer from puffy eyes or bags, keeping your head up while you sleep, with the help of an additional pillow, helps the fluid descend towards the heart at night.

And if you usually use a mask to sleep, it is important that you know that any accessory that is applied to the face creates folds, and can wrinkle it more, instead of protecting it. We know that if there is no darkness in the room, it is more difficult to fall asleep, but maybe we have to find another solution. If it is necessary to use it to sleep, it is better to use one made of natural fibers, whether silk, cotton or linen. And don't put too much pressure on the area. Be careful, experts advise against padded or polyester masks, since they generate an increase in temperature and absorb hydration from the area.

We hope these tips help you in your daily routine of taking care of your eye area. But remember, the best advice we can give you is to be consistent . By applying a treatment once a month you will not notice any differences. Dedicate time to your skincare and you will see results ;)

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